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Understanding the Essure Permanent Birth Control Issue

Understanding the Essure Permanent Birth Control Issue

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer is in hot water over their “permanent” birth control product, Essure. This is an implant that was originally approved by the FDA back in 2002, which claims to be an effective and non-invasive alternative to surgical procedure.

The Complication

As promising as the product seemed to be at that time, the consequent problems from using Essure has now surfaced, with claims that it is not as safe as the manufacturers made it sound to be. Essure has two small metal coils that are designed to be inserted into the woman’s fallopian tubes. This is meant to block the eggs from traveling through the fallopian tubes by wrapping these coils around the tube and closing off the pathway.

The idea is to actually create a permanent scar tissue using this implant by breaking through the skin of the fallopian tube. What tends to go wrong, though, is that the metal coil parts can break. Broken metal can cause allergic reactions, and not to mention have solid parts actually moving from one part of the body to another.

Prolonged exposure to heavy metals can lead to auto-immune diseases. This is on top of the usual discomfort and pain that women with the Essure implant experience, such as abdominal pain.

There have also been reported cases wherein the woman’s uterus and fallopian tubes have been perforated by the broken implant. For some, the metal parts have migrated to the pelvic region, which results to even more pain. And for all that pain, it doesn’t even work effectively as a birth control.

FDA Failure

The question then is, if Essure isn’t safe, then why did the FDA give its seal of approval? Apparently, FDA gave a pre-market approval based on the details provided by Bayer alone. As for the actual testing, it never really happened.

With all these details coming out about Essure, critics are now hitting at the FDA for supposedly failing to guarantee the protection of the consumers against faulty drugs and related products in the market. What makes it worse is that this pre-market approval apparently makes it difficult for claimants to build a case against Bayer

Getting Legal Help

Law firms like Gordon & Doner are needed to help represent women who may have suffered, or are suffering, from the side-effects of Essure.

Building a case against the pharmaceutical giant may be a great challenge, but recompense must be given to those who deserve it.

Goldberg Weisman Cairo Talks About Searching for the Right Lawyer

Goldberg Weisman Cairo Talks About Searching for the Right Lawyer

For most people, having to work with a lawyer means there’s something wrong. However, fact of the matter is that the scope of a lawyer’s work goes far beyond litigating criminal cases alone. In fact, the kind of cases they take on depends on their practice area. You can rest assured, therefore, that whatever your legal needs may be, whether corporate representation, settling wills and estate issues, or even just asking for legal advice before entering into a business transaction, there will be a specific type lawyer that can help your specific needs.

Finding the One

With all the different types of lawyers offering their services, it can get all too overwhelming. The good news is you can save time searching for the right one by first determining what kind of lawyer you need. If it’s related to family matters, such as divorce, child custody, alimony, or even wills, you’ll need a family lawyer.

If, on the other hand, you were involved in a vehicular accident or a workplace injury, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer. Anything identified as a criminal case will need a criminal lawyer to represent you.

Once you’ve identified the one you need, you can start finding law firms that focus their practice area covering your case. Other considerations you’ll need to factor in are the legal fees as well as the experience and know-how of your lawyer.

Getting to Know

You would want to set up an initial consultation with your candidate firm, just to make sure that they can provide you the services you need. You’d want to know what kind of cases they generally handle in their firm, which should give you a clear idea if they can take on your case.

A good clue as to how expensive the firm may be is the profile of their previous clients. You can expect firms that have high-powered individuals or famous celebrities for clients to have a higher asking price for their service.

Offers Services

Technicalities are important, yes, but you’ll also want to choose legal representation that you can be sure to prioritize your best interests.

You’d want a law firm, such as Goldberg Weisman Cairo, who will take into account your personal considerations, and balance it out with their professional advice and strategy. A good working rapport with your legal team is also ideal; this way you can coordinate better and resolve your issue faster.

Law Firm Talks About Looking Up the Attorney Discipline Record

Law Firm Talks About Looking Up the Attorney Discipline Record

Attorneys are expected to abide by very strict and high moral and ethical standards. The moment they take their oaths, they are beholden to their duties as a duly certified legal representative of their client.

In certain cases, however, some lawyers may act unethically, thereby compromising the lawyer-client relationship. In more grievous offenses, they may even be subjected to the possibility of disbarment, which means they will lose their license to practice law.

Client Awareness

Why is knowing these details about your lawyer important? Simply put, your lawyer will be representing your interests before the court. In order for you to feel confident and reassured that you’re in good hands, you should know that they not only have the skills, but also the integrity to stand by their oath.

If you are looking for a lawyer, factor in your prospective lawyer’s experience as well as any disciplinary actions lodged against them by checking their Attorney Discipline record.

Lawyer Discipline

As mentioned earlier, depending on the severity of the offense, the lawyer may be subjected to varying degrees of discipline. It can be a simple warning, or a suspension, or a full-fledged disbarment.

At the very least, the disciplinary board must allow your prospective lawyer to practice. Remember that some lawyers may be suspended anywhere from a couple of months to several years, and hiring one can lead to technical troubles with the court.

This is why it’s important that you look into the background of the lawyer you’re vetting. At the end of the day, you don’t want other parties to question the eligibility and integrity of your lawyer.

What to Do

For a lawyer to get disciplinary action, the aggrieved party must first raise it with the state’s disciplinary organization before it can be resolved. You can seek the information there, or you can also visit reputable law firms such as the West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers at Gordon & Doner where you can be sure all lawyers are ready to serve your legal needs.